Memory Grove

Have you ever not seen someone that used to be a huge part of your life, and when you finally meet up again its like nothing had changed? That was today.

When I was 16 my family moved from one end of my school boundaries to another. That doesn't sound too bad, but in my old neighborhood there were around 15 girls and 15 boys my exact same age. We spent most of our days wandering around the heights, playing night games, and whatever other random sport we were into. There was never a shortage of someone to hang out with.

Moving across town to a neighborhood with 1 kid my age felt like the worst possible thing that could happen.

Until I met Whitnie and her family. Me and Whitnie were inseperable from the beginning. She is seriously the funniest most talented person I know. I pretty much lived at their house and she lived at mine. Her brother worked with me at McDonald's (yep you read that right!) and her mom worked with me at a salon. Her little sister was my hair buddy. Her Dad was my bishop and gave me my mission papers which ultimately changed my life for the better.

Shortly after I got married this amazing family moved to Northern Utah to start a new adventure. We keep in contact via Christmas cards and birthday texts, and a visit every couple years or so.

When I got to see them on this day, it was like nothing had changed. 10+ years has gone by and we were still the same friends. Only this time our kids got to meet, and there was an instant connection no doubt! We were surely meant to be bff's forever!