ONE is such a fun milestone.

As I knocked on the door I heard the pitter patter of little feet running to open it. When it cracked open there were 3 cute blonde haired kids staring back at me. Excited they opened it wider. I was not a stranger to them. I had photographed them many times, and they were so happy I was there.

They led me by the hand into the kitchen. Krista had just finished frosting the most adorable purple flower piped cake for Stellas cake smash session. You could tell she spent some time on it. Time was not the only thing you could see, but the love of a mother radiated throughout the whole house.

Stella was just beaming with excitement with everything that was happening. She clapped as she toddled around in her adorable floral outfit. She was just a joy to be around, and she knew it. One is such a fun milestone.